Uzhgorod is a city located in western Ukraine, at the border with Slovakia and near the border with Hungary. It is the administrative center of the Transcarpathian region.

The city gets its name from the Uzh River, which divides the city into two halves (the old and new sections). Uzh means ringed snake and horod is Rusyn for city, coming fromOld Slavonic grad. Its population in 2010 was 112,700.

According to archeological data Uzhgorod was founded in 9th century. The settlement was first time mentioned in 903. In 10-11th centuries Uzhgorod was apart of Kievan Rus. Uzhgorod position has long given it trading and military significance. At the end of the 11th century Uzhgorod was under Hungary's control, since the end of the 17th century - under Austria's control.

In 1919 Uzhgorod city passed to Czechoslovakia and to Hungary in 1938, back to Czechoslovakia in 1945 and to the Soviet Union in the same year.